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Zulsyahmi Husaini Bin Kamarulzaman


Zulsyahmi Husaini Bin Kamarulzaman

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Zulsyahmi Husaini Bin Kamarulzaman graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia with a double degree in Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and Syariah Laws (LLB.S) in 2015. He was admitted to the Malaysian Bar in 2016 after completing his pupilage at Messrs Zain Megat & Murad.

He then joined the firm of Ikbal Salam & Associates and Mu’az Aiman Halem Auzan & Associates where he quickly rose to lead the litigation team and gained extensive experience in a wide range of general litigation disputes.

Additionally, he is a practicing Syarie Counsel in Federal Territory and Selangor, specializing in hibah, faraid, matrimonial property, child custody, and other related matters.

He also advises Trust Companies on Comprehensive Hibah Agreement and preparation of an Islamic Wealth Planning apps wherein he delivers talks on the matter from time to time. Currently, he is a Partner at Messrs Hafiz Zubir & Co, heading the Syariah department.