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Company Secretary


Company Secretary

To start or expand a business, there are a number of steps to follow to ensure the business operation is in accordance with regulations. From incorporating your company (as required by the Companies Act 2016) to maintaining records, sourcing legal support, managing new operations, complying with regulations and even finding and registering an office – many elements ought to fall into place before you can achieve your business goals.

Our team is well-versed in all aspects of legalities and requirements of starting and expanding a business. We are up to date with recent legislative changes and ensure all compliance are taken care of, including:-

    • Incorporation of public companies, private limited companies, enterprises and other type of organizations, such as trust bodies & non-profit organizations
    • Registration of foreign companies, representatives or branch offices thereof in Malaysia
    • Deregistration, liquidation & winding up of companies
    • Compliance and regulatory procedures in line with the Companies Act 2016
    • Appointment as a company secretary
    • Regulatory and industrial compliance requirements
    • Provision of registered office facilities
    • Pre-listing and post-listing guidelines
    • Legal advice on listing procedures in accordance with Securities Commission guidelines & Bursa Malaysia’s listing requirements