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Hafiz Zubir

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Hafiz Zubir

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Hafiz Zubir is a distinguished graduate of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Master of Intellectual Property from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. His academic journey is further enhanced by his pursuit of a PhD, reflecting a deep dedication to intellectual property research and knowledge.

With a notable legal track record, Hafiz has adeptly navigated complex intellectual property infringement cases as well as successfully advocating for clients in high-stakes environments and resolving disputes concerning royalty agreements. As a Registered Trademark Agent from 2014 and an active member of the Bar Council Intellectual Property Committee, he has been influential in shaping the legal landscape in intellectual property law.

Hafiz’s passion for law is matched by his commitment to education, as evidenced by his involvement with the Human Resources Development Corporation (HRDC) as a trainer. His expertise and experience are invaluable resources to emerging legal minds, ensuring the continued growth and evolution of the field.