Hafiz Zubir & Co.

Employment, Industrial Relation
& Human Resources


Employement, Industrial Relation & Human Resources

Our services cover all aspects of human resource management & industrial relation matters. We are fortunate to have with us Hj. Zubir bin Abdul Haddad, a Senior HR consultant registered under the National Human Resource Centre (NHRC), Human Resource Development Fund and Ministry of Human Resource.

Hj. Zubir is an expert specializing in the vast area of human resource management and industrial relation, with years of practice in soliciting and handling common HR issues, as well as strategizing and remedying critical issues within the ambit of human resource management.

HZAC conducts on-site and off-site services through coaching, advising, group classroom trainings and workshops, including:

Common issues:

    • Manpower planning, manpower budget
    • Manpower sourcing techniques
    • Human resource development
    • Monitory and non-monitory motivational programs
    • Scheme of service and company handbook
    • Reward scheme and salary revision
    • Job analysis – workload, job scopes, job descriptions, jobs specifications and job values
    • Discipline and attendance issues
    • P.I.P (performance improvement plan program)
    • Performance management, key performance indicator (KPI) and performance linked wages system (PLWS)
    • Dismissal, retrenchment, voluntarily separation scheme (VSS) and retirement scheme

Strategizing and remedying critical tasks:

    • Domestic inquiry techniques, especially in handling critical and sensitive cases, influential employees or senior management
    • Diminishing or decreasing the risk under Section 20 (1) of Industrial Relations Act 1967
    • Written and verbal preparation prior to conciliation meeting under Section 20 of Industrial Relations Act
    • Avoiding wrongful/unlawful dismissal and forced resignation
    • Code of industrial harmony and judicial cases on industrial relations
    • Collective bargaining as well as collective agreement preparation and negotiation
    • Identifying compensable factors in salary scheme
    • R.O.I of human capital
    • Handling joint consultative committee and in-house union
    • Legal obligations & moral obligations in employment contract
    • TNA (training needs analysis) preparation