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Efficiency, dexterity and attention to details are the core factors of our methods that allow us to remain uncompromising to our client’s trust and time.

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At Hafiz Zubir & Co., our philosophy is to provide the best legal solutions to accommodate our clients’ best interests. Efficiency, dexterity and attention to details are the core factors of our methods that allow us to remain uncompromising to our client’s trust and time. Decades of collective experience and skills are exactly what we are offering in our service.

Intellectual Property​

Intellectual Property is an area of legal practice that protects creations of the mind.

Conveyancing & Real Estate​

Living in a rapidly developing country, conveyancing practice has ripened into a core demand of real estate and property transactions.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Civil litigation, criminal litigation, commercial litigation, banking litigation, public interest litigation, personal injury and tortious claims.

Corporate & Commercial

Our corporate and commercial team has extensive experience in advising our clients in diverse features of commercial and corporate law.

Syarie Counsel

Our Syariah counselors specialize in alternative dispute resolution methods that align with Islamic principles.

Employment, Industrial Relation & Human Resources

Our services cover all aspects of human resource management & industrial relation matters.

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If you are looking for a trusted and experienced law firm to address legal concerns in your business, Hafiz Zubir & Co. is the right place for you!

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AMBIL TAHU HAK ANDA – JENIS-JENIS CUTI DI BAWAH AKTA KERJA, 1955 Di Malaysia, Akta Kerja, 1955 mengatur tentang hak-hak pekerja dan majikan. Akta tersebut juga turut menyenaraikan beberapa jenis...


Apabila berlakunya kematian dikalangan ahli keluarga, tugas kita sebagai waris tidak hanya melibatkan kesedihan, tetapi juga tanggungjawab untuk menguruskan harta pusaka yang ditinggalkan. Berikut adalah beberapa langkah penting yang perlu...


The High Court has determined that the Telekung Suqainah Lite by Airaz Technologies Sdn Bhd imitates and infringes upon the design of the Telekung Siti Khadijah Harmoni owned by Siti...


Baru-baru ini saya perasan ramai yang petik kes Panasonic vs Pensonic dalam mengulas kes sambal penyet. Fakta kes Panasonic vs Pensonic ini tak boleh disamakan dengan kes sambal atas beberapa...

What is IP (Intellectual Property) Meaning and Examples hzac.com.my
Intellectual property

What is IP (Intellectual Property)? Meaning and Examples of IP are shared in this article. In an era defined by innovation and creativity, understanding the concept of IP has become...

Kepentingan Pendaftaran Cap Dagang bagi Syarikat Memperkukuh identiti dan Perlindungan Perniagaan hzac.com.my

Dalam artikel ini, kami kongsikan Kepentingan Pendaftaran Cap Dagang bagi Syarikat. Cap dagang adalah logo atau nama khas yang digunakan oleh syarikat perniagaan untuk menunjukkan bahawa produk atau perkhidmatan mereka...


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Ahmad Firdaus
I've had the experience of procuring Hafiz Zubir & Co. services. They are professional, affordable and reliable! Totally recommended to anyone who are seeking legal services
Ahmad Firdaus
Muhamad Hariz
Highly recommended. Very efficient. Great lawyers & great services. One of the best law firms in Bangi.
Muhamad Hariz Muhamad Adnan
Nerfetiti Nordin
Experienced lawyer with experienced and knowledgeable staffs. Highly recommended for trademark filing or corporate agreement services.
Nerfetiti Nordin
Hazim Azhar
Hafiz Zubir & Co. helped my start-up, Carpedia, to secure our trademark through a clear and guided process. Their complementary services are also excellent as they were very helpful in furnishing our enquiries.
Hazim Azhar
Azmin Kamaludin
Specialize in IP & Trademark-related services & have a full range of other legal services with a highly dedicated team & strategic partners. Highly recommended.
Azmin Kamaludin

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